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Mouldy Travertine tiled bathroom cleaned in Glasgow

This mouldy filled Travertine tiled bathroom was located in a house in Glasgow and as you can see from the photograph below was completely covered in mould right round the whole bathroom, there was also some staining from the dyes in soap etc.

Mouldy Filled Travertine Tiled Shower Before Cleaning

Cleaning a mouldy Travertine tiled bathroom

Firstly we cut out all the mouldy silicone with a sharp knife and once this was done we mixed a strong solution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean in a spray bottle and sprayed the cleaning product onto the walls, we used a spray as the air makes the solution lighter and stick onto the tile. Once this was done the Pro-Clean was scrubbed into the stone with stiff brushes and a lot of elbow grease using small nail brushes to allow us to get into all the tiny dimples in the filled travertine. Travertine is a natural product so Pro-Clean being a strong alkaline product is ideal for cleaning natural stone as even mildly acidic cleaners can eat away at the stone.

Sealing Travertine Tiles

Once the tiles were cleaned they were then sealed with two coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is a colour enhancing sealer which is designed to protect the stone whilst lifting the colours out.

Grout Colouring

The grout was still discoloured following the cleaning process so to get it looking fresh again and after the stone was sealed we applied white grout colourant which brought the grout back to perfect white. This was done after sealing to stop the colourant absorbing into the tiles when they were un-protected making it easier to wipe off. The grout colourant we use looks natural and also forms a barrier over the grout making it easy to clean.

Once everything else was complete we finished the job off by renewing the white silicone up the corners of the walls and around the bath; the end result was a huge transformation that both us and the customer were more than happy with.

Filled Travertine Tiled Shower After Cleaning

Mouldy Travertine tiles rejuvenated in Glasgow

Travertine Tiled Wet Room Refresh in Glasgow

This Travertine wet room in Glasgow was in a sorry looking state, the tiles had become very dull and there was evidence of mould especially around the silicone.

Travertine Wetroom Glasgow Before Cleaning

Cleaning a Travertine Wet Room

The first job was to cut out all the mouldy silicone around the bottom of the shower cubicle; which had the added advantage of allowing us to clean the adjacent tiles right to the edges. Once the silicone was removed we decanted a dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean into a spray bottle and began to spray it onto the wall tiles. Pro-Clean in an effective alkaline tile cleaner designed for use on stone tiles such as Travertine, spraying the product onto the wall allows it to mix with air making it lighter and easier to stick and soak into a vertical surface. The wall tiles and grout were then scrubbed using a stiff brush until the dirt and mould had been cleaned away.

Polishing Travertine Wall and Floor tiles

Once there tiles were free of dirt and mould we then used a set of six inch diamond encrusted burnishing pads with a hand held rotary machine to polish the travertine. The burnishing pads come in a set of four and you start with a coarse pad with a little water and work your way through the set moving from a the coarse pads through to the less abrasive pads; this process polishes the stone more and more until you get a smooth finish.

Sealing Travertine Tiles

Once the burnishing process was completed we then sealed the stone with two coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is a colour enhancing sealer designed to protect the stone whilst lifting the colours out of the stone. Finally to finish off the job we renewed the silicone seal with Jasmine silicone around the floor and up the corners.

Travertine Wetroom Glasgow After Cleaning
The job took the best part of a day and I think you will agree the results speak for themselves.

Travertine Tiled wet room Cleaned, Polished and Sealed in Glasgow


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